Runway | Closet Sessions by Moms Band

After wayyyyy too long we've got a round 3 Closet Sessions track out and about, "Runway" is the working title.

This project, or "vocal sketch" as we like to say, is up for interpretation. Before we did this improv sesh we talked about how vulnerable it is to let someone love you - all the secrets spill out, the messy happens and the journey begins. 

Upcoming Shows by Moms Band

Heyo! We've got a couple shows coming up, for all our Oregon and LA friends! We're looking forward to playing some new tunes so come and hang out. 

8.19  |  Saint Rocke, Hermosa Beach LA  | 8PM  |  Tickets

9.12  |  Sisters Folk Festival, Sisters OR  |  TBD  |  Tickets

Close Your Eyes | Closet Session by Moms Band

For a round two Closet Sessions track we pulled out the ol' vocal looper (here by known as Lucille). With our eyes closed in an air tight closet space, we went back and forth building out different layered parts with our vocals, to recreate a sample of a new track we're developing in the studio. 

We think it evolved into a gush of mystical goodness. 
One and done, no looking back. 


Wild Heart x Emmylou by Moms Band

Oregon was beautiful. The trip was filled with family, wine, music, and new friends. Per usual travel was eventful, as we almost missed our flights in both directions. Lots of memorable moments during our Spring Festival performance such as 16mph winds in 35 degree weather and us spilling hot tea - our only source of warmth - all over the stage directly before our keyboard was blown over in the middle of a song...

We wouldn't have it any other way.

The last day of the trip was lovely and spent by the Metolius River. The surroundings, sounds and even smells inspired us to record a cover mash-up of Stevie Nick's Wild Heart and First Aid Kit's Emmylou at the edge of the water.


Smoke | Closet Sessions by Moms Band

Today begins a new series we're calling Closet SessionsWithin this series we will be releasing our original cover tracks done in one take - left raw, unaltered and all recorded from our closet. In a world of filters and effects, we want to explore and embrace the simplicity and imperfection of a stripped down song. 

This first track is an original titled Smoke.